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    Staff Application Template.


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    Staff Application Template.

    Post by Zeke on Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:21 pm

    Please use this Template or your staff application will be ignored.  bounce  bounce

    In-Game Name :

    Real life Name :

    Age :

    Timezone :

    Have You Ever Been Punished (Jailed,Muted,Banned, if yes why?) :

    I think i should be **Rank you are applying for** because:


    What do you do if someone is spamming?

    What do you do if someone Abusing a bug?

    What do you do if someone Hacking/duping?

    There's an argument over yell and its gets out of hand what will you do?:

    A player say's that they have been scammed; what do you do?:

    Will you invite players, or just lie and say you will for staff?

    How many people have you helped out ingame? Get them to post on your topic

    Get people to 'vouch' you to be staff. Example = Zeke should be admin, he helped me a lot and invited me to server.
    If you have not even started playing the server do NOT make a application yet. If you have already started playing ingame post some pictures of you actually helping someone included with the app.

    Vouch 1: (If you have anyone)

    Vouch 2: (If you have anyone)

    Tell us something about yourself:

    Why Should We Choose You As A Part Of The Staff Team?:

    What Have You Already Done To Help The Server?:

    Have you ever had experience as a staff:

    How Will You Help the server out:

    Additinal Information:

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