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    Official Forums Rules


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    Official Forums Rules

    Post by Zeke on Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:25 pm


    -1.1 Spamming: On via forums spamming is classed as lack of verbal speech
    by typing three worded posts / only using emojis,
    constantly posting like this will deal to punishments.

    -1.2 Grave-digging: Grave-digging is where players post on old topics that have “Died”
    (become unused after a period of two weeks) this isn’t allowed as it can cause confusion
    and cause people to re-post comments they’ve forgotten about.

    -1.3 Double Posting: Posting on the same Topic/Thread twice in a row is not allowed and not really needed at all,
    Forums have an edit button in place for players to edit their messages.

    -1.4 Unrelated Comments / Posts: This is when you post/comment on thread that complete changes the subject
    of the original thread posted or when a topic is posted in the wrong section of the forums.
    E.G: Asking for Help on a Introduction Thread.

    Spamming our forums will lead to a verbal warning, continuing to spam will lead to an infraction / multiple infractions.


    Do not advertise anything unrelated to Project Eon.
    Anyone caught advertising / posting other server related videos / pictures or links
    will lead to an Account Ban (On Via Forums).

    External Links

    The use of external links is not permitted as they may contain malicious content.
    The only links you may use on the forums are YouTube, or a well known screenshot website.
    Any other links will be removed and it may result in a infraction.

    Threats / Flaming

    -1.1 Flaming: Flaming is where a player uses excessive cursing and abusive language towards
    other players or and staff, on via forums flaming players and or staff.
    The harsher the abuse the harsher the punishment will be.

    -1.2 Threats: any threats made to player or staff will not be tolerated and you will be punished.
    (Depending on the threat will depend on how harsh the punishment will be)

    No Inappropriate / Pornographic Content

    As an RSPS, our Players age range is quite big and it’s best we keep our forums clean
    and Porn free anyone you fails to follow this rule will have their account deleted completely,
    re-uploading the pictures/videos will lead to an account ban.


    We’ve put formats on via forums for a reason and we expect them to be used,
    failing to use them will lead to an infraction and your thread will be ignored & rejected,
    you will also have to wait 24 hours before posting another.
    p.s: if a staff member tells you to use the correct format edit the current appeal
    you have made instead of making a new post.


    Inappropriate: (Gore, Sexual, Pornographic,)
    Any Inappropriate Signatures will be removed from the players account, re-uploading/ re adding them
    to your signature will lead to your account receiving an infraction,
    continuing to do so after an infraction will lead to your forums account being banned.

    Farewell Posts

    Farewell posts are not allow, so please do not make one if you quit say your goodbyes in-game and leave.


    DdoS talk on forums is not allowed, if you feel you've been DdoS'd with sufficient proof make a ticket and we'll progress from there.

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