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    Official In-Game Rules


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    Official In-Game Rules

    Post by Zeke on Thu Mar 31, 2016 6:49 pm

    1. Macroing/Botting

    Macroing is the use of third party software that gives you an advantage over other players such as a bot.

    You are not allowed to use any sort of automation tool to gain an advantage aside from an autotyper, but there are restrictions on this software as well, such as the delay you set this tool on.

    Anyone found botting any skill such as but not limited to Fishing, Thieving, Auto-Fighting, etc will be punished.

    2. Offensive/Inappropriate Language/Flaming

    Here at Project Eon we value mutual respect between players above most things. We enjoy promoting the diversity of our player base and we do not tolerate any disrespectful language.

    2a. Offensive/Inappropriate Language: Any use of offensive or inappropriate language is inexcusable and not tolerated. We hope that as an overall community you are mature enough to handle issues responsibly. Instead of getting drawn into conflict, if you feel like someone has breached one of these rules, submit a player report ticket.

    2b. Cursing: Swearing is allowed to a certain extent. You are allowed to swear as long as it is not directed at anyone in particular or is said in a disrespectful manner, however please be responsible.

    2c. Flaming: The use of violent, abusive, insulting, threatening and harassing comments towards other users are not tolerated especially when these are seen as bullying/racist/sexist or derogatory in any other way.

    2d. Yell: The use of yell is a privilege and should be taken as one. The use of flame/flame baiting is not prohibited on yell.
    Example: Z8 slapped 1-0 retard, Z8 cya kid nice tabs.
    Is not allowed on yell as will only cause drama and negativity on yell.

    2e. Yell: Staff flaming is not tolerated on yell. All staff decision are final If you have a problem with a staff member take it up with Admin+ via Support Ticket System found here: http://www.Project

    Anyone found breaking these rule will be punished.

    3. Middle Men & Item Transferring

    We appreciate whilst playing Project Eon you may feel the need to move your in-game items from one account to another, although we allow this we do have restrictions on how this is done.
    "An intermediary, agent between two (or more) parties; An intermediate dealer between the manufacturer and the retailer or customer."
    3a. if you choose to NOT use a Middle Man you will receive no support from us at http://Project when you are scammed. This system is put in place to protect you.

    3b. being a Middle-Man: The only people certified to be a Middle-Man are:

    GOKllpF.pngGlobal Moderators
    jiinMea.pngForum Moderators
    i195r8E.pngServer Supporters

    Any other users seen Middle-Manning any type of trade will be punished. This system is put in place to protect you from being scammed whilst attempting to transfer items.

    4. Luring

    Luring is permissible here at Project Eon, however there are certain methods of luring that are not allowed.
    - Luring over the global yell system is a punishable offence, how-ever luring through other chat methods is not punishable and is allowed.

    - Luring staff by asking them to tele to you is strictly prohibited and is punishable.

    5. Disrespecting Members of Staff and/or Their Decisions

    ALL staff decisions are final. If you have a problem with a staff members decision then contact Mick or David via a support ticket. All staff members have superiors they report to. If a higher ranked user realizes that an unjust punishment was issued, the problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

    6. Account Sharing

    Sharing accounts at Project Eon is not allowed at all. This is to protect you from being hacked and having your account compromised.
    If you choose to share accounts regardless of this rule you will face punishment if caught and risk having your account compromised.

    7. Staff Impersonation

    Claiming to be a member of staff when you're really not is strictly prohibited.

    Creating accounts to give the appearance of being a staff member is also prohibited, for example:

    Mod Peter
    Admin John

    8. Bug Abuse

    Abusing any sort of bug in the game is strictly against our rules. If you find a bug, report it to Mick/ David via a support ticket. Don’t inform any other user about the bug or you may risk a harsher punishment.

    9. Scamming

    Any sort of scamming is against our rules. Do not trust anybody in a trust trade, trust duel etc and always make sure you read the second screen of each interface carefully before pressing accept.

    YOU are giving consent when staking or trading so any rules you agree on are on a trust basis unless they are rules that are found in the duelling interface.

    (Note: changing items in an interface is still consider scamming. For example: Putting up an AGS and quickly replacing it with a BGS)


    10. Selling/Buying Gold In-Game (RWT)

    Both the selling and purchasing of RS gold for Project Eon currency is against our rules. If you are caught breaking this rule by a staff member/user of the community you will be met with a strong punishment.

    11. Threatening Other Players

    Anything from making threats of up to performing Distributed Denial of Service attacks are completely against the rules. Not only do see this as a breach of our rules but it is also against the law and you will be punished severely.

    12. Hacking

    Hacking another Project Eon users account is not be tolerated at all. If you decide to attempt to/successfully access someone else’s account, specifically without their consent you will be met with a severe punishment.

    13. Spamming

    Spamming is not tolerated on Project Eon, you are required to limit your chat in public to every 7 seconds when using an auto typing program/saying the same phrase repeatedly. On yell this is raised to every 15 seconds. You will be warned before facing any punishment in regards to this rule.

    14. Advertising

    This is one of the most serve rules that you could violate. If you choose to advertise another server you will face a serious punishment. You are ONLY permitted to talk about servers that do not exist anymore. Talking about any current servers is also not allowed but it not as serious an offence as advertising one. However most likely be told not to and you could face punishment.

    15. Staking

    When is comes to staking we have a couple of rules to keep things fair.

    15a. You are prohibited from running/standing on a stake and doing so will get you punished.

    By registering an account and playing our game you hereby agree to these conditions when playing.

    the Project Eon Staff Team bounce

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